DO NOT USE THIS WEB SITE. There is no where to turn for assistance and it’s pure robbery what has happened to me; don’t let them do this to you. Almost every contact I have received requested my email and said that today was their last day on. I thought I would try this out because I am a bit of a loner and thought it would be nice to maybe meet someone to chat with.

Christian Dating Sites

JDate is a dating service exclusively for Jewish singles. It was established in 1997 and is now accessible in over 100 countries, allowing users to communicate with Jewish singles in five different languages . Hinge’s platform is interesting in that it prompts users to like or comment on a certain section of the other person’s profile. It provides a way for people to interact beyond the usual chat. Elite Singles’ membership is highly qualified, making it an excellent option if users are searching for stimulating conversations.

There needs to be a good balance of not taking weeks to set up, but also giving enough choices that you feel like someone gets a good feel for you – and you for them. Or do you prefer to go 100% on physical attraction and your gut feeling about a picture? We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews. 4,201,552 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.

The red dot indicates that you are offline and not available to take If you’d like to change this setting, click the red dot and you will be back online. Genealogy Services What is the best genealogy service? Throughout all of time, people have had a deep personal interest in knowing where they came from. Online dating typically costs $24 to $60 per month with a monthly subscription.

And when I save a man as a favorite, they do not show up in my list of favorites, so I have to start all over every day. I wrote to their customer service, but did not get a response. I recently learned that my ex-wife has cancer and, because I’d gotten involved with her care, I would be unable to date for now. So I planned to end my Ourtime membership, which I thought was for 6 months, and checked my account info on June 28th.

Maybe I should run a dating service…… hmmm…Nope! BTW, I’m leaving this in God’s hands….no more dating online for me. They have the most unattractive people on the site and most of them are fake profiles. A lot of the profiles don’t have a picture and not even anything on the profile.

I contacted them because I thought it was an error. They indicates that because the payment was mailed in it did not quality for the six months special deal. NO PLACE ON THE SITE DID IT INDICATE THAT AND I EVEN READ THE SMALL PRINT. I too told them to just cancel my account and give me a refund which they indicate they cannot do. I believe this site is a scam and will use your account just to take your money. What difference does a check, credit card, or money order makes, it is the same amount of money they only in a different form. Or rather a form in which they cannot just take your money from.

I don’t find many nice profile guys and makes me dishearted. I switched my profile many time, when I get back I still not find nice profiles to chat with. A few nice profile I sent message to, no reply hahaha.😁😁😁 Tiring and boring, don’t know what to do. All I was busy with on AD was saying no to the girls who were asking me for money all the time. In my opinion there is nothing to do on AsianDating. Their women look great and they have sexy photos, but there is no point in contacting them because they are all scammers or shills for the site.


A negative Nelly or a selfish Sally are big turn offs. A nice balance of what you can bring to the table as well as what you’re looking for will attract attention from others. To sign up with Silver Singles, you’ll start with the lengthy questionnaire that may take about 10 or so minutes to complete. You’ll be asked things like lifestyle preferences, words that describe you, your income bracket, habits you look for in a partner, and many more.

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I can’t believe it was just the phone number but who knows. They take your money and give you nothing in return. I believe they have their own workers pretending to be persons looking for romantic partners. I did not renew subscription but debited it from my bank account.

Were often identical and when I replied I often got run arounds. (Compared to other sites as eHarmony and Match, this was, for me, by far the worst. I am not only dissatisfied but extremely frustrated. OurTime is an easy-to-use app for people looking for new relationships. Users can scroll through matches and connect with singles. It’s free to join, but all the best features are only available through a paid subscription. Meeting online is just the first step in the dating process.