She had figure skating when she was 4 years old, inspired by her older sister, Morgan, who has skated with Disney on Ice, a series of touring ice shows that are aimed primarily at children and feature figure skaters portraying the roles of Disney characters. In 2019, Mariah Bell was accused of cutting fellow skater Lim Eun-soo’s leg with her skate during their mutual time on the ice practicing. In Bell’s interview for WNYT in 2017, she noted how Ponsart had helped her in her career. According to NBC Olympics, Mariah Bell is one of Kendra and Andrew Bell’s two daughters. Of her sister, Mariah shared, “She used to figure skate at a high level as well and now travels with Disney On Ice as a principal skater.” As seen on Morgan’sInstagram account, her work with Disney on Ice included playing the character Anna in their “Frozen” production.

The US has two pairs spots for the Beijing Games, and one of those could go to defending US champions Alexa Knierim and Brandon Frazier. They were forced withdraw Wednesday night following his positive Covd-19 test, but they plan to petition US Figure Skating for one of the spots based on their exemplary scope of work. Mariah Bell’s score of 75.55 points put her one point ahead of Karen Chen and more than four points ahead of two-time champion Alysa Liu. The race for gold will be just as tight as the race for bronze and the final spot in Beijing.


She landed the triple flip-triple toe loop that had been causing her problems Thursday night, then ramped up the energy inside frigid Bridgestone Arena. By the time Bell spun to a finish, she had Rippon – now one of her coaches – leaping in the air and the masked fans circling the ice standing in ovation at the U.S. NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Mariah Bell remembers walking into the practice rink a couple of years ago and jokingly telling Adam Rippon, her training buddy at the time, that she was so nervous about nationals that she shouldn’t even go. Liu, 16, didn’t do anything to harm her chances of competing in Beijing next month, though a fall on her opening triple axel left her playing catch-up. She rallied to land her triple lutz-triple toe loop and is well within range of one of the three spots that the US women have for Beijing.

Mariah Bell is tuning out the noise, and it’s beautiful to watch

The 25-year-old has enough experience under her skates and managed to continue on while graciously completing her performance. Members of the Beijing Winter Olympics team were announced following the conclusion of the competition. I had just learned so many different things throughout the years that I had been doing triathlon, and I felt like everything that I learned was used in that race in order to make that happen. I can probably look at it with these really rosy glasses because it worked out well for me. But it’s cool looking back, because it was such a close race, it makes you think about all of those little things, and you can be really proud of those things that that got you there.

When it comes to her love life, though, the “We Belong Together” singer has previously stated she hasn’t had many relationships. Before dating Bryan, Mariah was married to Nick Cannon from 2008 to 2016, sharing twins Morrocan and Monroe. In a 2020 interview withVariety, Nick opened up about their whirlwind romance and their decision to get hitched just weeks after they began dating.

Ponsart went to France late in 2019 to renew his visa. He last saw Chen in Italy for the Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final and Bell in Switzerland with her family in December. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, which meant his appointment at the embassy continues to get pushed back and so does his timeline for leaving France.

Bourne, a Canadian who won six world medals in ice dance, has a 32-bullet Wikipedia list of skaters whom she has choreographed for, including Chen and two-time Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu. Mariah has learned figure skating under the guidance of Rafael Arutyunyan and Adam Rippon.Similarly, Mariah has won many championships while training with these two coaches. “Although I loved training with Adam and Ashley , because of the age difference I felt like I couldn’t be close friends with them and I just felt really alone,” Chen, the reigning two-time World champion, explained. “That’s part of the reason why I started hopping around different rinks, because I felt alone all the time. I kind of wanted to have a little bit more of a friendly environment. I immediately gravitated toward Romain and Mariah because I felt that was what I wanted and needed at the time.” It marked the third-largest margin of victory in the event since the world single distance championships began in 1996, according to

But Gizmo and Turbo aren’t the only furry friends she has. Bell’s Instagram account also notes her love for her parents’ dog, Ryder . In oneInstagram post from 2021, she said Ryder had “finally gave in” to her “forced hugs.” Puppies and bunnies — what a wonderful combination. Mariah Bell was asked during an interview once about her whom being the greatest influence for her sports.

In the freeskiing events of halfpipe, slopestyle and big air, American woman racked up eight silver or bronze medals dating to 2005 before Faulhaber’s breakthrough. It was announced that she would be a virtual guest skater at the Japan Open. Bell changed coaches in August 2016, joining Rafael Arutyunyan in Lakewood, California. She landed on the podium at two of her 2016–17 ISU Challenger Series assignments. Ranked second in both segments, she took silver at the 2016 CS U.S. International Classic, behind Satoko Miyahara.

She credited her parents, Kendra and Andrew, with creating a positive atmosphere for her and her sister Morgan, who skated in Disney ice shows and has become a coach. “They sacrificed a lot for us to be in the best position to chase our dreams, but it was never contingent upon us winning. We never had to win, we never had to be ultra-successful.

Fifteen-year-old Kamila Valieva, who landed two quads in her free skate while winning the European championship, is the Olympic favorite but 17-year-olds Anna Shcherbakova and Alexandra Trusova also have quads in their repertoire and can challenge her. “I just love absolutely skating,” Bell said, amid tears, when told the historical significance of her win. “I’ve been through a lot with it, but I’ve had so much support and my family’s incredible. They’ve encouraged me to keep chasing my dreams and I’m so glad that I did.”