The new Dating Game falls hard into this category. In the midst of this cohesive and “on point” rant, you drop this bombshell that you were a contestant. Please, please, please tell me that there’s video of you on the Dating Game. This summer of entertainment has given us so little pleasure, we need Ken Levine on the Dating Game.

An upcoming reality show that fans of the genre will want to check out isThe Celebrity Dating Game. The show will begin airing on ABC on June 14th, 2021, and let’s take a look at everything we know so far. Fans will have to keep tuning into theCelebrity Dating Gameto see how they feel about the rest of the season. One person said, “I haven’t felt so embarrassed for humanity as I have while watching.” Another commented, “#ABC has hit peak cringe with #CelebrityDatingGame. I’m actually embarrassed for everyone involved.”

Apprentice star Ryan-Mark Parsons is turning his attentions to finding ‘The One’ after struggling on dating apps. Parsons appeared on the 2019 series of Alan Sugar’s business show, and was one of the youngest contestants to appear on the original series at the age of 19. A long-ago game show I wanted to like was called “Whodunit” or something similar.

Remember I said that Michael Bolton is the co-host? What that means in reality is that, for the bulk of each episode, he sits silently next to a grand piano. He might offer the odd bizarre and apparently off-the-cuff response – when a guest asks how he is, he shrugs “I’m busy with this” – but for the most part he is simply set dressing. And, make no mistake, that is the end of the date. The wall draws back, the guest is introduced to the winner, they all stand there awkwardly dancing for 15 seconds and then the episode is over. Do they even talk to the celebrity backstage?

Reality TV fans will recognise Nikita Jasmine from the most recent series of Married at First Sight UK, which she appeared on in September. Nikita was matched with Ant, and the pair got married. However, Nikita was removed from Married at First Sight UK for ‘unacceptable aggression’ off camera.

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The format usually consisted of a bachelorette would question three bachelors, who were hidden from her view. At the end of the game, she would pick one to go on a date with and the show would pay the expenses. Sometimes, the format would flip to a bachelor and three bachelorettes.

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The series has already been filmed so the contestants went on the show before any of these celebrities were announced. Harry and Meghan want to be part of the ‘special family moment’ when royals gather on the Buckingham Palace… Chris started the show asking each of the contestants if they were stuck on a deserted island and what was the one thing that they would bring to ‘wow’ him. Zooey is OK as a host, but she’s trying too hard to be nice and a good sport about the whole thing when the world knows she’s nothing like that. This could have been fun…but it needs to be recast or it won’t make it past 6-8 episodes. Brown is very honest and this is a quality that people always hope to see in reality stars.

The idea was the contestants would witness a mini-murder mystery played out onstage, then get to “interrogate” the suspects. I recall the first victim was Jack Klugman, poisoned on an airliner. I don’t remember if it lasted more than one week, but it struck me that doing a new murder each week with fresh cast and sets wasn’t a practical model. What might be viable would be doing a standard “Murder She Wrote” style show and then insert a live game show bit before the final break, where contestants offer their deductions and choose their killer. Maybe allow home viewers to text their own picks, as an informal measure of how easy or hard it was. I’m not allowed to persuade in any way because it’s against the law.

Unlike Diggs, Burnett’s identity remained a mystery—until she inadvertently revealed her own name during one of the rounds. When it came time to decide, Diggs had his pick of former acquaintance Caputo, real estate agent Javin Hope from Hawaii, and pediatric nurse Tofy Mabo. Comedian Nicole Byer, on the other hand, chose IT recruiter Nate Shanklin, but the two of them don’t seem to be in communication. There’s no way of knowing what happened after The Celebrity Dating Game for Hannah and Nicole, but it seems they didn’t find love. Adam isn’t one of the three contestants in The Celebrity Dating Game, so it’s safe to assume that after Hannah chose the third contestant, the baseball player–turned–Wall Street investor, nothing really happened. When the first episode of The Celebrity Dating Game aired, many of us were already aware that Bachelorette alum Hannah Brown has a new boo in her life, Adam Woolard, and they seem happier than ever.

But, still, it’s a highly awkward way for a date to end. Original “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” fashion guru Carson Kressley might appear in the second episode of “Celebrity Dating Game” along with singer/rapper Iggy Azalea. Other stars that might appear in future episodes include actors Taye Diggs, Nolan Gould, Marcus Scribner, and Joey Lawrence.

Zooey Deschanel has a shrill voice, but somehow, I tolerate her. I’ve always liked Michael Bolton–though not enough to buy his albums–and I, too, appreciate his self-deprecating humor. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Cheche Alara, who also scores the To Tell the Truth revival, magically appears at piano and an invisible band backs him up. I will probably give up on the show at some point, but for now, I’ll continue to watch tolerably Tuesday mornings on my DVR. Zooey trying to force a one-liner every 30 seconds really did it for me. Like I said, I was never a diehard watcher but I do remember the prior hosts let the jokes write themselves.

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It’s a federal crime to influence a game show, so I was very aware of that. But there were multiple times when I could tell from someone’s body language that it wasn’t the right person. One guy seemed like he was just there to meet Michael Bolton. Michael spoke on his experience hosting the show with ET and shared that one of his roles is singing hints to help contestants guess the celebrities. Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette premieres on Monday, June 7.

And while we don’t get to see the aftermath of who the celebrities decide to choose, Carson promises that he and his choice will go on a date. Now, he says that they are “still in touch,” but Carson has yet to go IG official with any new beau. Between contestants Jansen Schamp, Steven Martinez, and Chuck Stanley, Carson ultimately vibed the best with Bachelor No. 3.