But with the rash of highly publicized cases in the 1980s and 90s, many states began repealing those exemptions, leaving parents open to wrongful-death or child-abuse charges. But the Bible clearly teaches a recent creation of both the heavens and the earth, so Christians have often tried to reinterpret this doctrine to accommodate the long ages required by radioactive dating. For those Christians who believe that Genesis should be understood as literal history, it has therefore been necessary to show the fallacies in the so-called “scientific proofs” of an old earth. The time at which a given potassium-40 atom converts to argon-40 atom cannot be predicted in advance.


So, a carbon atom might have six neutrons, or seven, or possibly eight—but it would always have six protons. An “isotope” is any of several different forms of an element, each having different numbers of neutrons. The epochal change had been broached two weeks earlier in a Sentinel article titled “Christian Science Versus Medicine? ” Neither medical care nor “today’s practice of Christian Science” were “ideal”, it asserted, adding that both systems had achieved a “limited record”.

Christian Science is a non-Christian sect that was created by New Englander Mary Baker Eddy. After being severely injured in 1866, Eddy turned to the Bible, where she claims to have discovered the laws of spiritual healing. The issue of religious exemptions for vaccine mandates has raised the profile of “Christian Science,” a group that previously helped push through similar exemptions in American jurisprudence. Yet despite Christian Science’s having been around for 142 years, most people don’t know much about this small and declining religious movement. Christian Scientists can renounce Eddy all they want, but it will not undo the evil they have done. Oward the end, my father was under the care of first one, then another practitioner, and they seemed to have set him a number of tasks.

These movements, in some respects akin to Christian Science, use similar terms, which, however, bear a notably different meaning. Christian Science does not deify Jesus, a point that its severest critics have sometimes said separates it conclusively from traditional Christianity. Yet Jesus’ actual role in the achievement of humanity’s salvation is as important Qwikmeet to its theology as for traditional Christianity. His life of obedience and sacrifice is understood as the means through which the reality of being for humankind has broken through in the midst of ordinary human experience. This true spiritual selfhood is identified as the eternal Christ, as distinct from Jesus, although uniquely and fully incarnated in him.

The Church of Christ, Scientist grew out of the experiences, work and writings of Mary Baker Eddy. The result was the development of her thought, first expressed in a booklet, The Science of Man and later embodied in her textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. She began almost immediately to apply the precepts of Christian Science to healing and to teach them informally to others.

A final reorganization in 1892 and the development of the church’s by-laws in the Church Manual, resulted in the church as it is known today. These 16 years were punctuated by the formation of the Church of Christ, Scientist in 1879; Eddy’s ordination in 1881; the dissolution of the church in 1889; and its reorganization in 1892. This reorganization placed the governance of the Christian Science movement in the First Church of Christ, Scientist, of Boston, generally known as The Mother Church. The remainder of Eddy’s life was spent in perfecting the textbook of the movement which went through several revisions and in completing by-laws as codified in the Church Manual.

Christian Science

“It’s very rare that you find that counterintuitive thing, much to the book PR agent’s chagrin,” Rudder said. F OKTrends was Rudder’s sketchpad, “Dataclysm” is his reluctant manifesto. The book covers data from OKCupid, Twitter, Facebook, Google and other sites to describe how Big Data has already changed our lives, and all the changes to come. “If there’s one thing I sincerely hope this book might get you to reconsider,” Rudder writes in the introduction, “it’s what you think about yourself. OKCupid is just how I arrived at the story.” Rudder wants to convince us that data is how we can arrive at our own stories. But even Rudder, who has used Excel in almost every job he’s had, could only dick around for so long.

Worship in all branch churches is conducted by elected readers, each of whom must be a member in good standing of the Mother Church. Services in the branch churches consist of readings from scripture and Science and Health. The exact passages for each week are delineated in The Christian Science Quarterly.

The texts of these two volumes remain the prime sources of the church’s doctrine and polity. Has been amassed in Christian Science periodicals over the years. With this emphasis on practical regeneration and healing, one sees the clearest link between Christian Science and the American Puritan tradition. An undue emphasis on the practical aspect of Christian Science by some followers has sometimes led to a secularization of its teaching, with healing regarded as an end in itself rather than as one element of a full salvation. This tendency clearly characterizes the mind-cure and New Thought movements.

That’s already a rich source of personal data to draw from, and OKCupid layered more on top of it. Every person coming to OKCupid has the opportunity to answer thousands of questions about what’s important to her and her prospective mate. The site runs the answers through some calculations to determine a match percentage for any given couple and then shows it to them. “We didn’t see tree rings forming, we didn’t see ice layers being laid down,” Ham declared, referring to the layers on some ancient trees and on ice fields which allegedly go back more than 6,000 years. He recalled a situation where planes crashed on the ice in Greenland in 1942 and were discovered 46 years later, covered with 250 feet of ice.

People often have grave misconceptions about radiometric dating. However, age is not a substance that can be measured by scientific equipment. The tools of science allow us to measure mass, volume, pressure, force, weight, and composition… but not age. The former quantities are physical properties that can be directly measured using the right equipment.

The rate of radioactive decay is known and has been constant since the rock formed. The RATE group analyzed twelve diamond samples for possible carbon-14 content. Similar to the coal results, all twelve diamond samples contained detectable, but lower levels of 14C. These findings are powerful evidence that coal and diamonds cannot be the millions or billions of years old that evolutionists claim.